*Children Needing Sponsors

*Children Needing Sponsors

You Can Help!

While all of our children currently have sponsors,  your gift of $25. a month can still change their lives. In the past year, costs have tripled in Kenya, making it extremely expensive to buy food.  Assigning the children more than one sponsor will enable us to keep the program going. Click on a child's individual photo to indicate your desire to be a sponsor.



Girl, age 9

Vallerie first came to the attention of UNTV as a very sick little girl. Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and suffering from a large infection on her hand, she received medical attention and quickly improved. Generous friends from Alum Spring Baptist Church gave towards her medical needs and today she is happy and healthier.


Girl, age 11

Alice and her sister Jerusa are sweet and hard-working. Alice especially enjoys her English class at school and dreams of being a teacher someday. Without the support of UNTV she would not even be in school.


Boy, age 13

Kelvin lives with his grandmother and two siblings, who took them in after both his grandfather and father died and his mother abandoned them.  He is very bright, loves to learn, and wants to be an airline pilot when he grows up.


Girl, age 9

Philister lives with her brother Lwane, four other siblings and parents in poverty. Her father suffers from mental illness and her mother struggles to provide for her family. The leaders of Upendo found the children living in terrible conditions, infected with parasites because of the dismal condition of their home (no door, windows, furniture).  Money was raised to renovate the home, but health continues to be an issue. 

Lwane (Josephat or Jackson)

Boy, Age 11

Lwane lives with his family in extreme poverty. While both parents are still living, his father suffers with mental illness and his mother struggles to provide for her six children. After discovering the poor condition in which the family lived-- no doors, windows, or furniture and the children suffering from potential lameness due to parasites, friends from Alum Spring Church in Culpeper, VA raised money to renovate the home and provide a healthier environment for the children.  He and his whole family are currently undergoing extensive treatment for the same parasites. Despite his family's struggles, Lwane has a ready smile and wants to be a teacher when he grows up.


Boy, age 13

Hillary was abandoned by his parents to the care of his grandparents, who struggle to make ends meet. While he is a bright boy, there were no funds for his care, including schooling.  He is now thriving under the care of UNTV and has placed as high as second in his class at primary school.  He would like to be a doctor someday.


Boy, age 12

When Goldstein was 7, his mother deserted him and his father. His father struggled to find work and food and soon Goldstein was found hungry, unable to go to school and living in a very unhealthy situation. Caleb's parents brought him into their home and with the help of the UNTV teachers, are instilling positive values and giving him the support he needs to succeed in school. He excels in comedy and acting!


Girl, age 11

Along with her sister Alice, Jerusa is a sweet girl who enjoys her friends at UNTV and school. Her favorite subject is social studies, and she has big dreams to someday be a doctor. Thanks to the support of UNTV, she can have such a dream!

Samuel ("Sammy")

Boy, age 14

After Samuel's parents died of AIDS, he went to live with his grandparents. They struggle to support him, but with the help of Upendo, Samuel receives some nutritional supplement, tutoring, and can attend school.  He goes by the nickname "Sammy" and hopes to be a bus driver some day.


Girl, age 13

Maggy's mother died of AIDS, leaving her father to care for her and her three siblings.  Maggy has been diagnosed with HIV and needs special treatment.  Despite her difficulties, Maggy is optimistic about her future.


Girl, age 11

When Cynthia was born, her mother abandoned her and three siblings to the care of her father who could not find work on a regular basis. With UNTV's support, Cynthia is now in school, thriving and happy.  She would like to be a teacher someday.

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