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The director and board members donate their time and services and often their own money towards making UNT Village viable. Administrative fees like transportation and annual registration fees (including local, regional and national registration) also come from funds raised.


The future is bright for the children of UNT Village, which hopes to eventually build a center for services to the children.

How Your Donations Help


A simple meal is provided to the children each day they come for lessons.  For most, this is the only regular food they receive.  Your gifts help to provide a nutritious meal.

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The family of Steve Smith started a memorial library which is now open to the community to use. This means so much-- not only can the children of UNTV benefit, but also the wider community. Your gift can help improve the library (furniture, shelves, additional holdings).


Normally these children would not qualify to attend school as they have no means to pay the school fees, but donations provide tuition and school uniforms.  


Three licensed teachers provide academic support to the vulnerable children at UNT Village. Your donations help pay their salaries and purchase teaching supplies. Most importantly, tuition and scholarships provide for the students to go to school, from primary to secondary grades.

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