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Upendo: Stepping towards Food Security

Recently my wife and I had an opportunity to visit the Grow Intensive Agriculture Center of Kenya (G-BIACK) and meet director Samuel Nderitu. The trip was a great blessing. This is a community based organization responding to the problems associated with increasing levels of poverty due to food insecurity in the Country. Their mission is to seed a sense of empowerment and self- reliance in communities that leads to improved food sovereignty and livelihoods and a healthier (improving) environment. G-BIACK utilizes sustainable agriculture in which a small area of land is intensively cultivated using

nature's own ingredients to rebuild and then maintain the soil's fertility productivity. Farmers are trained on the use of locally available resources with minimum use of external resources. The technologies used are economically, friendly, culturally acceptable and socially just. It is my hope that we can find someone to send for training, using my ancestral land as a testing ground. Hopefully in the future there can be a great harvest for UNTV.

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