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Let's Go 2024!

Happy New Year from Director Caleb, wife Ayuma, teacher Meriner and some of the children of the UNTV supported by VHL. We barely crawled out of 2023, with several very sick children, the mounting costs of education, food, and everything in general. Thank God for our donors who gave generously so that we finished the year out strong. In 2024, we look forward to new projects around the center that will help us to open the UNTV Academy, a school that was registered by the Ministry of Education in December 2023. Not only will it be less expensive to run our own school for the children, but it will also be a help to other children in the community who struggle to afford their school fees and are forced to drop out. They will help to subsidize the school costs of the children of UNTV, making this a self-sustaining project. It takes a village! To help, please donate


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