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A Thirsty Land

East Africa, including Kenya, is in the third year of the worst drought since 1945, according to Africa News. Over 20 million people face starvation. How is this affecting the children of Upendo?

"There is a little food but (it is) very expensive. People have to walk for (a) long (time) without getting water, fresh water. Like in Nairobi water is rationed, there are places they get water once per week," reports founder Caleb.

"People and thousands of livestock have died. The dam that supplies water in Nairobi has reduced from 100% to 15% which means there is no water in Nairobi. Food has gone too high, in fact doubled, so it makes it very difficult here. People are surviving by God's grace. So we need prayers. We live one day at a time.

We learn not to complain but to give thanks to the Lord."

Please keep these precious people in your prayers-- and if you are able, please send funds through the Church of the Word address to help provide food and water to the children of Upendo during this crisis. (Photo from India Live Today News)

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