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Coronavirus: UNTV Update

It seems that no place in the world today has been untouched by the effects of the Coronavirus. At the Village of Hope and Love, the children are now joining the millions of other children in other countries and staying home from school. That means their one meal a day on schooldays is no longer there, making their time at UNTV even more crucial. Like everywhere else, prices are skyrocketing and supplies disappearing in Kenya. It is our hope that we can buy enough food and safeguard the supply so that the children can eat and take some back to their families.The good news is that director Caleb and his wife and family have now moved to the area, living at the old site close to the Village campus. Already their constant presence in guiding the mission of UNTV is making a difference, as they not only see first-hand the challenges the children are facing but also live as part of the community. You too can make a difference with your donation to the Village of Hope and Love-- helping to change the future, one child at a time.

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