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Several months ago, members of the UNTV board noticed that the children they cared for were not thriving in school. Their clothes were tattered, and they were often asked to leave school because they were behind in their school fees. Furthermore, they were behind in many of their subjects. The board determined to make changes, and so the Manager in Charge, Taphas Otiato, became an advocate for the children. She visited the children when they were in school to see how they were doing. When she found they were behind in their fees, money was paid to keep them in school. The children were measured for new uniforms, which were provided by friends from Virginia. And with the hiring of a teacher, the children are now receiving the help they need to keep up with their schoolwork.

The week-end "school room" at UNTV is a cheerful, happy place where the children can learn and be fed a simple meal. Perhaps the next project will be to provide furniture that is child-sized, so the children can be more comfortable as they study. And someday.... a registered school, dedicated to the needs of the UNTV children, may someday be a reality.

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