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Almost here...

At UNTV, there is great anticipation-- the chickens are almost ready for market! Currently there is a big demand for chicken meat in Kenya, due to the growth of the fast-food market. If this project is

successful, it will be the first of many sustainability projects. Last month Edwin Onjiri, one of the board members, went to the Bio-Grow Intensive Agriculture Center in Thika for training in improved ways

of growing food in Kenya. Recently the board has been offered a

great price on some land in the vicinity of Upendo Na Tumaini.

So far about 20,000 KES has been raised by the board towards acquiring this land. Please pray with us!

BIGGER NEWS: We are also waiting for news of the safe arrival of Caleb (Osore) and Priscilla's baby, due to be born the end of this month. We can hardly wait!

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